New Google Algorithm For Mobile Search

On April 21st, Google will be rolling out their latest search algorithm, which will ‘reward’ mobile friendly, responsive websites that present web content on small display screens in a Google friendly manner.

Google state that this algorithm won’t actively penalise sites that are not responsive, but by definition, you will feel as if you have received a penalty because mobile and tablet friendly sites will move above you in serps.

The new algo is expected to only affect searches conducted on mobile devices, but that can’t be guaranteed, and as mobile search now represents more than 50% of all searches on google, this update is going to have a massive potential effect on your overall traffic volumes.

Any website that’s over a year or two old is unlikely to be Google friendly, (unless your web designer was well ahead of the curve with their development).

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Responsive websites render different content for mobile screen applications, so your visitors can navigate through your site easily. This content is a stripped down version of your main website and should be thought of as a secondary website.

If you just shrink your website content to fit on a small screen, it often becomes very difficult for users to be able to read and navigate without zooming and scrolling in different directions. This is not ideal and so for small screens, content should be minimised, large images removed and menus re-organised so that users can easily find what they want.

Google Mobile Friendly Tester Tool

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