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Affordable Smartphone & Search Engine Friendly Websites

If you are looking for well designed, cheap mobile friendly web design for your website…. look no further.

CRWD offer the cheapest mobile & Google friendly fully responsive website design online!

The rise in mobile and tablet use to surf online is increasing year on year. In 2014 over half of all searches were carried out, not on PC’s and laptops, but on iPads and smartphones for the first time.

In 2015 this figure grew and in 2016 it has continued to grow further.

2018 promises to break new levels in phone and tablet use for searching and shopping online.

Additionally, in 2017 Google made a significant switch, using their mobile algorithm as their main ranking algorithm, over and above PC / Laptop search.

This means that any website that fails this mobile compatability test will not rank very well, if at all!

Websites older than two or three years are very often not designed to work on smaller screens.

This is often frustrating for your potential customers, alienating users and pushing your traffic towards your competitors.

Optimize for Mobile

It’s too easy to get left behind online, with outdated web design technology.

The cost of keeping pace with the latest developments and web protocols can be prohibitively expensive. Here at CRWD we aim to keep costs down & that is where our affordable websites come into play.

Your site will be beautiful, built to work not only in search, but to be smart phone and tablet compatible for less than you might think. (one off payments or spread the cost over 30 months)

CRWD build stunning websites using the latests web design technologies so your site will be modern, fresh and functional.

What is Different About Mobile Friendly Websites?

The basic differences are that the mobile friendly version needs to load quickly (allowing for 3g connectivity), have an easy to use dropdown “Hamburger” menu that is sized for even the chubbiest finger to operate.

Additionally, links within your content need to be spaced so that they can be selected without having to zoom.

Many mobile versions are ‘stripped out’ content versions, which isn’t necessary, instead, you can include all your important content, as long as you optimize it for smaller devices, used on the move.

CRWD Low Cost Website Design Will Work For You Because You Get:

  1.  a proven web platform that works
  2.  backend login so you can edit the site yourself, saving hundreds or even thousands in designer costs
  3.  a modern, responsive, mobile and tablet friendly design
  4.  social media integration so your site is connected to your social channels
  5.  Google friendly SEO built into your site to help you to get found easily online
  6.  free website hosting for the first 12 months
  7.  a professional site for less
  8.  ongoing support if required
  9.  a design you can add to and build onto as needed
  10.  the worlds leading blogging software built in

We really do provide everything you need to present your business online, with a huge variety of different layouts, which are then customized to suit your needs.

We design for customers all across the UK and internationally, but for clients near to us on the Bedfordshire / Hertfordshire borders, we offer a more personal service as we travel to Cambridge, Milton Keynes, London, Essex, Northampton, Oxford, Bedford, Stevenage and everywhere in between.

You can have a low cost web site with a personal service.

CRWD build eCommerce online shops, business brochure websites and integrate both with your social media accounts so you can promote and engage with your audience easily and quickly.

Looking for a well designed website? We can help….

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you need your website to do for you, we can build the ideal site for you. With all the features you need to create a professional online presence at an affordable price, it need not break the bank to get online and find new customers.

  1. Can I Add Content Myself?

    Yes, all our websites include an easy to use CMS (content management system) which allows you to add and edit content quickly and easily

  2. Will my site be Mobile & Retina Ready?

    Yes, all our websites have been designed to fit the screens of all popular devices such as tablets, smart phones and regular computers. You can test it by resizing your browser window (just narrow the window to simulate smaller screens). Also, they are developed to look sharp with the latest generation HiDPI /Retina devices.   

  3. Can I Customize My Design?

    Yes, we build your website so that you can use different layouts on different pages. This gives you total control over how your site looks and how you display your goods and services.

  4. Can I Display Products & Services Easily?

    Yes, using our custom product catalog pages you can add new pages for each product or service, with or without online shopping, so you can display all your goods and services quickly and very easily.

    You can also use these pages for adding presentations, itineraries or virtual tours.

    This is the ideal low cost platform for selling or marketing any products or services efficiently and without any web coding knowledge or skills….. we’ve done all the hard work for you.


  5. Will You Support Me If I Need It?

    Yes, of course. Not only will we build the site in the first instance, but if you get stuck or have any problems, we will gladly help you create the site just the way you need it.