Low Cost Web Design

Many people associate low cost websites with poor quality, ineffective results. The truth is that many web designers manage successfully to convice their customers that what they want is expensive.

In reality, you can, in most instances create a stunning, gorgeous website that does what you need it to, that converts into sales, leads and enquiries and helps you to build your business for much less than you think.

Your website needs several key attributes;

  • Clear presentation and display of your content, products or services
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Fast load speed
  • Measurable calls to action
  • Google friendly
  • Proactive SEO functionality
  • Compatibility across all devices
  • Easy to use content management system that you can add to frequently
  • Social media integration, share, like and recommend buttons
  • Conversion tracking tools

We include all of these elements so that your site will work for you from the moment it is launched.

What makes Website Design Expensive?

  • Totally bespoke design

If you want a completely unique layout for your website then your pages have to be created from scratch by one of our ripped jeans, tee shirt wearing coders…… they are great at what they do, but they do cost quite a lot to keep chained to their iMacs! They can build you anything you want….. but at a price.

  • Bespoke functionality

If you need your website to perform bespoke functions, such as aggregating other web content, referring to your shop till system for price, stock control, or other integrated data, then you will require dedicated scripts within your website. Our diet coke drinking coders spend a lot of their days writing code to perform these functions, but again…. this level of integration is more expensive.

What makes Web Design Affordable?

  • In most instances, your website doesn’t need to be bespoke

We can create a unique design for your site, without the need to write all the necessary code from scratch. Instead we use one of the worlds leading platforms, WordPress, as the chassis backbone for your website.

By using WordPress, you get a reliable, easy to use framework which we then use to build your website.

  • WordPress Plugin Functionality

WordPress uses ‘plugins’ to add useful functionality. There are hundreds of different applications from contact forms, social media, conversion testing, spam control, SEO, fonts, image sliders and galleries, ecommerce, etc.

  • Keep It Simple

Many web designers use complex, costly processes to build websites because that is what they know and that’s how they are happy to do things.

We prefer to keep it simple and use popular design processes that you can manage and control yourselves as the website owners.

If you have a logo, content, products, or services that you want to showcase online, we can create a beautiful website for you that will work in search, will convert your visitors into taking the next step and contacting you or making a purchase….. this is fundamentally what you need your website to do.

Look Attractive > Find New Customers > Convert Them To Sales and Leads

If your website performs these 3 core functions then your business will grow online.