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Websites For Photographers

Photography businesses have a specific set of requirements for their website design and the integrated functionality and site usability. Firstly, it’s vital to be able to display your images in all their glory, so your new site needs to be able to deal with high quality images.

We recommend of course that all images on your website are watermarked to prevent copyright infringement, but we also include left and right click disabling in addition to automatically watermarking images as you add them to your site.

When you want to add a new client, you can create a new, password protected client area just for them. They can then log in to a secure area and can access their images and order proofing prints with just a few clicks.

Having worked with photographers, creating websites that fulfil their requirements, we understand the photography industry and what you need your website to do for you. You need to;

  • display your images beautifully but securely
  • flexible design and layout options, masonry display, uniform, sliders, light boxes, full size images, its totally up to you
  • flash free so all sliders and light boxes work on all smartphones and iPads & tablets
  • proofing – take orders & payments online
  • offer a members area for each client
  • be found in search to attract new clients
  • display your images beautifully on all devices, pc’s and laptops as well as mobile phones and tablets with mobile site customization
  • provide retina display images
  • run an integrated blog for news and events
  • be able to edit your own content easily
  • create stunning slideshows and galleries to display your images
  • connect your website with your social media accounts, facebook, twitter, google plus, pinterest, instagram
  • include social media widgets on pages of your site
  • allow digital downloads
  • offer discount codes
  • build a database of potential future customers
  • store large image sizes and volumes in the cloud at affordable cost

The full list of what we can do for you goes on and on. If you have an idea of how you want your website to look and feel, we can work with you to create your ideal design and layout.

photography web design

masonry style page layout

slideshow image display

shoot images displayed in a slideshow

lightbox image display

display your portfolio in a lightbox with thumbnails

Photographers Websites

How your new website will work for you;

1. Your new client finds your website on Google and you arrange a shoot

2. You process the images from the shoot

3. You post a teaser image along with details of the shoot on your blog which automatically posts the blog entry on your social media accounts (on which you have already connected with your new customer).

4. They see their teaser image and get excited about seeing all their images. Sharing your blog post with all their friends & family

5. You upload all the shoot images to a password protected ‘proofing’ area.

6. Your client views their images in whatever display you have chosen for that shoot.

7. They then order and pay for images, albums and products in quantities and sizes you have listed.

8. You receive payment and prepare their order for delivery.

It’s as simple as that to run a successful photography website that will enhance your business and function as an efficient tool for promotion and marketing as well as processing orders and payments too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you require your photography website to do for you, we will create the perfect site for you. With everything you need to create a professional online presence at a lower cost that most web designers. You can get your photography business online for less than you think with a professional design solution.

  1. Add, Delete & Manage Client Portfolios Yourself

    You can easily add new client portfolios, protected by passwords so only they can access their images. They can then order images online, automatically paying you when they place the order.

  2. Mobile & Tablet Friendly

    You want to have access to the largest audience possible and our mobile and tablet friendly, responsive designs offer you just that. You get everything that you need to manage your photography business online, leaving you to get on with taking photographs and being a photographer.

  3. Can I Customize My Website Design?

    Yes, you can have virtually anything you want as your design. We recommend sticking to several accepted standards with respect to navigation, page structure etc as most people are used to finding navigation links is certain places and making websites easy to use is half the battle for making them work for you.

  4. Can I Display Images & Services Easily?

    Yes, you can set up whatever pages you need to present your photography business online. We will work with you to create the ideal structure to showcase your images, and photography services on your new website.


  5. Will You Support Me If I Need It?

    Yes, of course. We don’t just build a site and leave you to it, we will help and assist if required. Our CMS (content management system) is intuitive and easy to use (if you can use Word then you will be familiar with editing your website).

    However, if you do get stuck, we are only ever a phone call away.